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Can Roofs Be Installed in the Winter Months?

Imagine you’re cozy inside on a snowy day, pondering whether roofs can be installed in winter. The answer is, indeed, they can be. As long as temperatures don’t drop below -10°C, asphalt roof installations are possible. Extra precautions are taken to ensure cold weather doesn’t affect the materials or the process. While it might take…

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What Is Ice Damming, What Causes It, How It Relates to Attic Rain and What Can Be Done to Repair It

Ever wondered why water is mysteriously dripping from your ceiling in winter? You’re likely dealing with ice damming, a phenomenon where ice build-up on your roof’s edge prevents melting snow from draining off. This trapped water can sneak into your home, causing attic rain, and lead to damage to walls, ceilings, and insulation. It’s usually…

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What Is Attic Rain, What Causes It, and How to Fix the Causes

Just like a detective tracking down a suspect, you’re hunting for the cause of a water leak in your home. Your unlikely culprit? Attic rain. This pesky phenomenon, common in colder climates, is often caused by poor attic ventilation and inadequate insulation. If ignored, attic rain can cause significant damage. But don’t fret. By understanding…

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